Gordon Hayward & Marcus Smart workout partners - the Haywatch/Smartwatch is on

Well, the two Celtics walking wounded have become workout partners, and the Haywatch/Smartwatch is on. They may exercise together, but according to Marcus Smart, he and Gordon Hayward have not discussed returning to the court this season, either together or at separate points in the season.

The "kind of touchy" part of the statement is interesting. Touchy, as in requiring careful handling (per Google)? Does the touchy part come in as to the two teammates discussing it, or does it enter the picture when they talk to the press. Doesn't really matter. It will be great to have them back whenever they can make it, and having a regular workout partner increases the opportunity for more effective rehab, particularly for Marcus with the repaired right hand.

Now we are sure that Smart's ligament tear was complete, so surgery was an absolute. Even a non-repaired partial tear would have been touchy (there's that word again) given the way Marcus plays the game.

Marcus is confident that he has a good shot at returning this season. The door has not been shut on Gordon returning. The Haywatch/Smartwatch continues. Stay tuned.

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Photo via Matt West/The Boston Herald