Gordon Hayward doing reps on calf machine - more info needed for optimism

The video/tweet below shows Gordon Hayward doing machine calf raises for repetitions this morning. My first reaction, in addition to the awful music, was a bit of optimism.

But I have used the same type of machine for decades, and the video tells us nothing (but I am getting used to that). The amount of weight that Gordon is moving with his calf muscles is totally hidden from view, either by accident or by design.

Hayward could either be moving more than his body weight or far less. That is the mystery behind the tweet. The right, uninjured calf appears to be working fairly hard, but the injured left calf is hardly visible. If there are a couple of 45-pound plates on the end of that machine, there is reason for optimism. If there is one 25-pound plate, or no extra weight at all, there is no reason for excitement. We can only hope for more compete updates.

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Photo via Kristin Murphy/AP