Former Celtic Glen "Big Baby" Davis busted on pot charges

Big Baby got popped.
It seems the former Boston Celtics big man was getting high on his own supply, getting himself arrested for allegedly possessing quite a bit of green gold a.k.a. cannabis when a hotel manager called the police after smelling the aromatic plant being consumed within one of the rooms of an Aberdeen, Maryland Hampton Inn.

Police reportedly confiscated 126 grams of "Sour D" and "Berry" doobage and a briefcase containing $92,164 and a ledger with language supposedly consistent with selling the contraband. In a perhaps unsurprising twist, none of this was denied by Davis, who claimed to be in business with a Los Angeles-area wholesaler of (in California) legal marijuana.

Maybe it's just me, but if I am chilling in a hotel in the boonies with a boatload of cash and weed, lighting up a sauna sesh in the bedroom might not be the wisest move, even if what's going down is entirely on the up-and-up.

Not that I have ever smoked pot. And if I did, I didn't inhale.

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Image: Gary Dzen/Boston Globe
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