Danny Ainge can't trade Terry Rozier - Saint Patrick won't allow it

Remember back in September, 2017 Terry Rozier was asked if he was concerned that Danny Ainge might trade him, and T-Ro jokingly responded, "Nah, Danny won't trade me".

Well, maybe Terry wasn't joking. Both Rozier and Ainge were born on the same day that Saint Patrick died - March 17. The three-leafed shamrock was supposedly used by St. Patrick to explain the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans. Contrary to legend, he never drove any snakes out of Ireland, at least none of the slithering variety.

In Boston, the shamrock represents our beloved Celtics, and we could stretch things a bit by saying the three leaves represent fine ownership, a brilliant front office and talented team. T-Ro has become a strong cog in the team structure, but we have seen past Celtics cogs gone in the blink of an eye. But come on, trading Terry would be tempting fate.

I assumed the chance of two guys on the Celtics having the same birthday would be numerically tiny. Wrong! There is such a thing as the Birthday Paradox. According to Wikipedia, put more than 23 people in a room and the chance of two people having the same birthday passes 50%. Who knew?

I would like to know the chances of two Celtics having the same birthday matching the date the Saint represented by the Celtics logo died. No way I am not going to find that, so I will tell Danny, "Don't tempt fate" and "Don't upset deceased Irish Saints". Terry is having a hell of a season, so don't trade him (unless it's a deal you can't refuse). Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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Rozier photo via Nick Lahan/Getty Images
Shamrock photo via CelticsLife