Celtics Jaylen Brown's free throw shooting - bad to excellent

Jaylen Brown has few weaknesses in his game but poor free throw shooting certainly was one of them. Prior to the All-Star break, he was shooting a putrid 58.8% from the foul line. Both this season and last, his accuracy would rise, only to fall once again. His overall foul-shooting was both poor and inconsistent. That seems to be changing, and hopefully the improvement will hold.

Jaylen is shooting 81.8% (27/33) for his last 12 games, 92.6% (25/27) for the last eight, 94.4% (17/18) for the past five and a perfect 100% (14/14) for the last four games. He seems to be taking his time at the line and concentrating on his form and motion. With Jaylen, you know he has added a mental element to come up with the solution.

To go from 58.8% pre-break to 100% in the previous four games is pretty graphic. We know 100% from the line is unsustainable, but low-90's would be terrific, and mid-80's for the rest of the season would be just fine. We simply don't want see the high 50's again. Nice job, Jaylen!

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Photo via Maddie Meyer/Getty Images North America