Cavaliers keep unraveling - Kyrie Irving's departure well-timed

The Lebron James where-will-I-be-next-season drama is starting early and may be taking a toll on the Cavaliers' structure, outlook and health. Kyrie Irving was traded away to the Boston Celtics. The key players the Cavs got in return, Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder, did not pan out. Lebron never got a third star to team with him and Kevin Love prior to the trade deadline.

Kevin Love was in the middle of all of this stress and was the victim of panic attacks. The "fight or flight" response, once activated, can be triggered again when the same situation arises. It is a frightening thing to endure. Now Coach Tyronn Lue is expected to be away from the team for at least a week with an undisclosed illness.

It is no secret that Lebron James is a superior talent, one of the very best to ever play in the NBA. But he is extremely disruptive to many things that his coach-of-the-moment is attempting to accomplish. Just look at the video of the yelling match between Lue and Lebron.

Of two things we can be sure. Some of the problems and theatrics within the Cavalier's organization stem from Lebron's decision, or lack thereof, on his next destination, or at least to communicate it to Cleveland management. And secondly, The King holds massive power within any team he plays for, or will play for. This often does not sit well with his teammates, his coach or ownership. These two factors definitely come into play with the Cavaliers' current turmoil.

Lue has also been coughing up blood, according to ESPN's Dave McMenamin. We wish Tyronn Lue the best of health. High levels of prolonged stress can damage a person's health or even kill them. The Cavaliers' environment might not be a healthy one right now, and I can imagine that Kyrie Irving feels he made a wise decision moving on from it.

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