Anna Horford on accountability, Stephon Clark and last night's statement

Regardless of which side of the political chasm that currently divides the American people you stand on, you’ll recognize that more needs to be done to protect human lives and now is the time to do it. The Boston Celtics, along with an opposing Sacramento Kings team addressed that before last night’s game, in a unified statement that was clear and concise.

In the wake of the shooting of 22-year-old Stephon Clark in Sacramento, the teams wore black warm-up T-shirts that read ‘accountability we are one’ on the front and then simply ‘#StephonClark’ on the reverse side. A video was then shared that featured players from both teams stress the need for accountability and togetherness.

Celtics big man Al Horford was one of many players featured in the video statement. Al’s sister and friend of Celtics Life, Anna Horford spoke to me today regarding the issue, echoing the sentiment:

“I think it's powerful that the Celtics and Kings united to create a video to bring awareness to gun violence and brutality,” Horford said. “It's so important to remember, especially in times like these, that we're all one. We're all on the same team.”

The NBA as a league are often praised for their progressive attitude and involvement in social issues, especially since commissioner Adam Silver took the helm. Horford believes that it’s crucial that such a well-followed association chooses to express solidarity during times like these and feel that’s it offers a sense of perspective for all involved:

“The NBA has once again taken the initiative to show people that these issues are bigger than basketball. We need to hold people accountable for their actions and when injustice occurs, it must be addressed.”

Last week, Kings owner Vivek Ranadive addressed the crowd following a win against the Atlanta Hawks, speaking passionately to the people of Sacramento about how far the city, the country and the world have to go to create a safe environment for everybody. Horford couldn’t agree more and hopes that her family’s game can remain at the forefront of change, as we all do our best to stop tragedies such a last week’s taking place:

“What happened to Stephon Clark was unconscionable and heart-breaking. The impact it had on the city of Sacramento and the Kings organization was evident and their message was strong. These players are the perfect example of how diverse people from all walks of life can come together for the greater good. Moving forward, I hope the NBA continues to be at the forefront of these issues and continues to encourage positive change.”

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