Watch: the Celtics are high on Greg Monroe's list of preferred teams

Last night, news broke that big man Greg Monroe reached terms of a buyout from the Phoenix Suns, his home of late after being traded there by the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for guard Eric Bledsoe.
Benched much of the winter to prevent the Suns from winning too many games, the buyout was almost inevitable given the Suns' current situation, but Monroe - exactly the type of low post scoring threat Boston could use on its second unit - wants to go to a team where he can compete in the post-season, and no teams are better positioned to grant that and a good salary (courtesy of the Disabled Player Exception created after the Gordon Hayward injury) than the Celts.

However, there's a team reportedly also in the running that might surprise you, so watch the video above, weigh the potential suitors, and let us know in the comments below where you think Moose will end up.

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Video: NBC Boston
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