Uncle Drew is coming to the big screen with a loaded cast

Kyrie Irving will be back with his undercover, old man, street balling shenanigans this summer, when he puts on the back-brace and steps out as his elderly alter-ego, Uncle Drew. Uncle Drew came onto the scene a few years back, when he surprised all by dominating pick-up games across the country. Irving wrote, directed, and starred in a five-part series based around the geezer, which was produced by Pepsi.

On June 29, the movie, Uncle Drew, will be released. The film follows the hooping old-timer as he travels around the country in an attempt to find his old teammates, so that they can compete in a street ball tournament together.

The teammates that will be joining Uncle Drew on the floor are:

The movie will also have some legitimate Hollywood talent on the roster, which is encouraging. We wouldn't want this thing to flop like Kevin Durant's movie, Thunderstruck, did in 2012. Ever heard of it? Probably not.

Lil Rey Howery recently played a role in the critically acclaimed and Oscar Nominated thriller, Get Out.

And in what I can assume is an awesome casting job, Kyrie got Nick Kroll to play the bad guy. I can't wait to see what Kroll brings to the character. He's one of the best in the game at playing a wide variety of roles with completely different personalities. His TV show, the Kroll Show, is a skit-like program where he plays a number of different characters. He should bring something unique and hilarious to the film.

We will be on the lookout for the Uncle Drew trailer, and when it's released, it'll surely be posted.

June 29th young bloods! Mark it on your calendars.

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