The Boston Celtics might be able to host the 2022 All Star Game

The last time the All Star Game was hosted in Boston, Bill Russell was in his prime (it also almost didn't happen, but that's another story).
The year was 1964, and the league and All Star MVP was Oscar Robertson (though Wilt "the stilt" Chamberlain led the league in scoring) in an association with only nine teams and no three-point line, which should give you a solid idea of just how long it's been since the event graced the metropolis.

According to Yahoo Sports' Chris Mannix, however, that drought may be about to change - he's reportedly hearing rumblings the 2022 All Star Week is Boston's for the taking, if it wants it. While it's not uncommon for such events to take place in warmer climes as a respite from the full-blast of winter many northern cities are subjected to in February, recent years have seen the games go to colder locations like Toronto and Chicago.
Should Mayor Marty Walsh get on the horn with Adam Silver? It's typically accompanied by a small boom in business, but sometimes, as was the case in the 2007 Las Vegas All Star Game, that boom can also come with a hefty spike in crime.
It seems to be the exception, for the most part, and would coincide with the young core of the current Boston Celtics squad, who could conceivably make up a noteworthy part of said team if the Cs happen to get lucky with their development and cap concerns.
What do you think? Should Boston go all-in on 2022, or let the games go somewhere...warmer? Let us know in the comment section below.

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