Season-ending injury to Knicks Kristaps Porzingis - Michael Beasley Celtics option?

Yes, I know about Michael Beasley's misbehavior issues and the fact that he has seemingly played in more basketball venues than any other player that immediately comes to mind. And speaking of coming to mind, the Celtics will not forget December 21, 2017 when Beasley almost singlehandely destroyed the Celtics defense in a 102-93 New York victory. Here is some of that information per Wikipedia:

On August 8, 2017, Beasley signed with the New York Knicks. On November 25, 2017, he had a season-high 30 points starting in place of the injured Kristaps Porziņģis in a 117–102 loss to the Houston Rockets. On December 16, 2017, once again starting in place of Porziņģis, Beasley tied his season high with 30 points in a 111–96 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. On December 21, 2017, he scored 28 of his season-high 32 points in the second half of the Knicks' 102–93 win over the Boston Celtics. He also had 12 rebounds against the Celtics. Beasley became the first NBA player since starts were recorded in the 1970–71 season to come off the bench and have at least 32 points and 12 rebounds while playing 25 minutes or fewer. He also became the first Knicks sub ever with a 32-12 game. On January 10, 2018, he recorded 26 points and 12 rebounds off the bench in a 122–119 double overtime loss to the Chicago Bulls.

With Kristaps Porzingis out for the remainder of the season with a torn ACL, and possibly part of next season, the Knicks have little chance of making the playoffs and may look in a different direction. Michael earns $2.1 million and will be an UFA at the end of the season. He definitely is the type of shooter Boston could use. Ask Brad Stevens. Here is his reaction to Beasley's effort off the bench in the December 21st game (per NBA's Brian Mahoney):

Michael Beasley started heating up in the third quarter, and he really poured it on the fourth.

So when did he know he had the hot hand? ''Jan. 9, 1989,'' Beasley said.

Yes, Beasley started believing he would make every shot he took on the day he was born.

Porzingis was 0 for 11 from the field and finished with one point after missing two games with a sore left knee. The ''MVP! MVP!'' chants he has heard this season instead went to Beasley, who also had 12 rebounds.

Asked what changed for his team, coach Brad Stevens responded: ''Beasley made every shot.''

"Beasley made every shot." Actually he made 13-of-20 shots, still pretty good. Michael is averaging 19.6 MPG, 12.4 PPG and 5.1 APG this season for the Knicks. For his career, he averages .462 on field goals and .349 on threes. New York no longer should have playoff hopes this season, and with Beasley slated to take on a larger role, there would be little reason to retain him. The 6'9", 29-year-old Beasley is very talented, and it is up to Celtics Boss Danny Ainge to determine if he would fit for the remainder of the season with Boston. Despite his travels and behavior issues, he sure can shoot the ball. Ask Brad Stevens.

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