Ray Allen nominated to Basketball Hall of Fame

Former Boston Celtic Ray Allen has reportedly joined 12 other finalists as potential inductees to the 2018 Basketball Hall of Fame class.
The former University of Connecticut standout played for the Milwaukee Bucks and Seattle Supersonics before coming to the Celtics in the summer before the 2007-08 season, in which he won Banner 17 with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. His legacy there has been clouded by his exit from that team, but his mark on the sport as one of the league's greatest all-time shooters has not.

While it might be fitting for Jesus Shuttlesworth - as he was known as the protagonist of Spike Lee's film "He Got Game" - to be summing up his career among a party of 12, for others, it's not Jesus they think of when discussing parties of twelve plus one, but another member known for their betrayal. However you think of Ray as a Celtic, it seems old animosities between players seem to be dying down a bit.
While that may not change our personal feelings about the man and his career, it would go a long way towards removing a stain that has put an asterisk next to one of the happier moments of Boston fandom for some time.

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Image: AP/Charles Krupa
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