Next two weeks more of a test than rehab for Celtics Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward is slated to continue rehab work on the AlterG treadmill during the next week or two. With 25-years experience as a Health Coach/Personal Trainer, specializing in Sports Conditioning, here is how I view the very limited information available.

Gordon has been walking on the AlterG for some time now, and he will be running on it at a reduced effective weight equal to 60% of his 226 pounds. There will be some rehab benefit to the running, and also some cardiovascular improvement, but for the most part, it will be a test of the effectiveness of the rehab thus far and the progress from the severe ankle injury.

He will apparently start at an effective weight of 136 pounds and add weight, probably every session, assuming no significant negative effects. The goal is to achieve running at 100% of weight with zero ill effects. For a two-week timeline, adding six or seven pounds each day works. The process could be accelerated if the ankle reacts well to the impact, meaning limited pain and/or swelling.

So the left ankle will be tested in increments, and once Hayward is able to run with no assist at all, he gets into running on the hardwood, jumping, joining his teammates on the road, and possibly even warming up with them prior to games. The Celtics brass is adamant that he will be travelling with the team primarily for camaraderie purposes, but the possibility remains that he gets to running with no assist rather quickly and is ready for more serious testing of his ankle in quasi-game situations. The bulk of his rehab in a clinical setting is close to being done. The next update should come when we see he is scheduled to travel with his team.

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Photo via Streeter Lecka/Getty Images North America