Latest update on Celtics Gordon Hayward's rehab

Gordon Hayward still may be a few weeks away from travelling with his team, but he is about to take another very important step in his rehab.

According to USA Today's Jared Weiss, Gordon is about to start a regimen on the AlterG treadmill where he will start running at 60% of his body weight and gradually transition in stages to running at his full, 100% body weight. The days and weeks that are required to get from 60% to full body weight will determine the chances of Hayward returning to action prior to the playoffs.

It seems that the process of getting to 100% of body weight on his runs will take Hayward at least two weeks, possibly even more. Then running on hardwood and jumping would come next, at which time he may start travelling with the team. Doing the math, Gordon will start running at 136 pounds of body weight and finish at 226 pounds, his normal weight. Hopefully, we will get another update in two or three weeks.

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Photo via Streeter Lecker/Getty Images North America