Green Envy: What Pistons fans said, 2-23-18

I don’t blame Detroit Pistons fans for being mad. Not after their 110-98 loss against our Boston Celtics tonight, not even after the games they win ... not ever.

I mean, just try to imagine being a fan of the PISTONS.

A perennial middle-of-the-pack team, it seems like their organization has been confused for a decade as to whether they should try to win games or just give up completely and tank. Ever since the Celtics’ Big Three in 2008 dismantled what was left of their 2004 title squad, coach Stan Van Gundy has become more and more of a tiresome act to watch as well. Still going with his all-game-pouting-match-with-the-refs strategy each night, Detroit fans might as well be living in basketball hell having to watch that team under him.

But don’t leave it to this Boston fan to tell you how miserable it’d be to support them, just leave it to their own fans in tonight’s edition of Green Envy! ....

First Half

Things started so well for the Pistons fans early ...

"Hate Boston. Always hated Boston. Hate that McHale gifted them KG. Hate that the Nets gave them all those picks. Pretty soon those picks will be done and those good young guys are going to want to get paid and I hope Danny Ainge messes up that transition. F***, Boston!"

"Boston with all their slow ass bigs gives us a matchup advantage"

"Fine, let that clunker take as many shots as he wants!!" - in response to Marcus Smart being activated

"Andre's looking good. SJ is putting in work. Boston is stagnant on O. We're looking good!"

Then things began to take a turn ...

"Refs not calling fouls today. Nice, now we have to beat them AND the Celtics"

"Blake was looking terrible while he was playing. We can't have a non-shooters lineup with him .. come onnnnnn"

"NOTHING going in for Blake"

"So WAIT, Ish really started tonight's game?"

"Clean block by AT ... but a foul was whistled. Smh"

"Can't wait until we can see tempo in our bench again. You know .. if we ever do see that again"

Second Half

Depression begins to set in ...

"Not surprising that we're on our way to another loss when we let up three pointers ALL GAME LONG"

"Crowd looks decent. Unlike the team we have"

"Drummond needs to stop posting up, and he needs to stop sulking when it inevitably doesn't work"

"Son of a b**** man, these guys better pick it up"

"Yeah, keep crying Stan. Maybe the refs will award us 15 free points and the win" (my personal favorite of the night!)

Abandon all hope, ye who enter ...

"This team sucks. Our offense sucks. Our defense is off and on. Why does SVG still get paid? GET HIM OUT OF DETROIT PLEASE"

"Four years ago Blake makes that dunk. In 2018, not so much"

"Wow, they're killing us in the paint even with Drummond right now #FireSVG"

"They ought to put a nameplate over Stanley Johnson's locker that reads 'Sometimes'..."


No, they weren't done venting their feelings ...

"Why do I even turn on my TV for this s*** every other night?"

"There hasn't been a game in almost 10 days" (responding to comment right above)

"I wasn't hoping for the whole team to turn it around after the deadline but at least a slight improvement. Yeesh"

"Another nighttttt. Another Lllllllllll"

Oh, you're still wondering what it's like to be a Pistons fan?

"SVG has literally guided this team into no man's land. No future. No defense. No offense. 1 all star. No money. No draft pick"

"This team is trash. Period"

Nailed it!!