Green Envy - what Knicks fans said, 2/24

It's hard to feel bad for the New York Knicks given the ridiculously over-confident mindset of their fanbase relative to tangible results, but I suppose that's pretty apt for a franchise owned by James Dolan. The great thing about what's left of a once-storied rivalry is that the Boston Celtics almost always win - and said fans make it all the more fun to enjoy a little schadenfreude at their expense. With another L on the books last night against Boston, there's plenty of fresh material, so without further ado, let's dive in:


go knicks

Let's get this W fellas

we might as well win out because we're never going to do better than the 10th pick anyway

Tank Time
I don't mind keeping the tank in the garage for a game against the Celtics.
Fuck the Celtics.

This is one of those win-win games
A loss helps the tank, or a win against the Celtics.
Hmmm,…can I take both??

Another one of these L is a W games.
"Always look on the bright side of life"

Burke with a sweet crossover
Jaylen Brown is really really good tho

Celtics have Treyburkulosis.

I think the Celtics must party when they come to NYC and not expect a tough game
Last Boston game in NY in December was like this, too


In hindsight
I’m sure glad we benched Trey Burke when we were "trying to win."
P. S. I forgot how to do sarcasm text

What a load of crock call.

I never wanted to punch a guy in the face more than Marcus Smart
That man just ticks me off the wrong way

Strongly dislike greg monroe

Why is Frank on Smart?

This might get ugly.

Does the broadcast have some sort of mandate where they're not allowed to criticize Kanter's defense?
I’ve notice this happen like every game. Where there is a play where it’s fairly obvious that Kanter made a huge mistake and they’ll just talk around it and blame his teammates. I don’t know, it’s just odd.

Celtics very vulnerable in the paint
They played yesterday. I dont see how the Celtics can match this pace in the 2nd half.


Lance is so dumb....
It’s unbelievable.

Lance "the best clown on the team" Thomas.

the difference between Jaylen Brown last year and this year is night and day

Damn, I don't like to compliment Boston
But that was a nice drive by Tatum and beautiful finish

Man Troy Williams really does look like he's 40

what the hell guys

Mudiay is a pure garbage.

Mudiay's jumper looks broke as fuck

LOL what is this garbage
please take Mudiay out

I know I've been ann absentee poster this year
but is anyone else supremely tired of Michael Beasley? Like, he gets the ball and that’s it, he’s shooting. He’s worse than Melo with the sticky fingers.


Drinking rosé out of season for this game because
1) it’s a fuck you to the rosé haters
2) it’s a testament to how much I wish it were the offseason.

Kyrie just broke all of Frank's ankles
every last ankle

There is zero probability of W.

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