Green Envy: What Hawks fans said - 2/2

The short-handed Celtics got the win over the Atlanta Hawks last night! Hawks fans haven't had much to cheer for this season, and Boston made sure that trend continued. Perhaps that's why there was very little activity on their end during the game last night.

No, really - I barely found any replies in game threads and struggled to find many game reactions of any sort. Therefore, this Green Envy is short and sweet. Here's what the few Atlanta fans who actually went online had to say during their loss:

Let's go Hawks. Let's show these pretenders how it's done. Don't disappoint me.
Got good money riding on you Shroeder

It all comes down to Irving. without him they trashhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… what an easy playoff out they’ll be. the travesty would be if they reached the finals
HOW BORING OF A FINALS LMFAO. SWEEP to the warriors with epic biblical margins

we got this. no way shroeder doesnt shred them in the 2nd half as well
let’s go

It's all good guys, come on. Let's regroup, we got this. they trash

Listening to Scal was funny and painful at the same time.

Are we sure Danny Ainge is an awful drafter?

Now Then, this is the way we do it! - - Play half the game, showing our opponent how good we are. Then,
in the second half, we show them how well we can:

I’m all for the tank but when I see green I see red!!!

Good news: Prince found his offensive game again. Bad news, it happened in a blowout loss again.

Three little words: "F*** the Celtics"

We choked another lead. 😑

Playing a team's 2nd string lol

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