Green Envy: What Grizzlies fans said, 2/26

A Green Envy may be a blessing, but finding engaged Memphis Grizzlies fans to gloat over is easier said than done. We dug up the best comments on last night's 109-98 blowout delivered by a rested Boston Celtics squad, with a Greg Monroe DNP, to boot (what's up with that, anyway?). So, without further ado, let's get to what Grizzlies fans had to say about last night's debacle:


Y'all know the drill

Just send Tatum to D league...should make his eye-opener while arriving D League's arena!.

Think the griz keep it close!

Its good to see Marc having fun.

Let’s go Grizzlies! Get that lottery pic er I mean W fellas!


Once again Irving bailing out mediocre Celtics team.

Insert local high school name would be competitive against this Memphis team.
More like Maxus Smart amirite?

Alright, time to give Marc some rest

 Marc Gasol has absolutely had enough.


Christ I looked at the score 10 mins ago and it was 20-20.

How many air balls is that?

The Grizzlies are like a who's who of guys I didn't realize were still in the NBA


This team has lost 9 games in a row.

Without Tyreke, Parsons and Conley this is probably the worst roster in the Nba

Grizzlies should roll over and play dead, now that 1/3 of the NBA is actively tanking and Memphis is tied for least wins.

damn grizzlies are big trash

This is the bloodbath we all expected it to be.

Wake me up on draft night

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