Green Envy: What Blazers Fans Said, 2/4

You could say this was a Tom Brady tribute of a game, given the day and the ending. The Boston Celtics were losing for much of the game, and only managed to keep things close in the second half. Still, despite battling back from multiple holes, the Portland Trailblazers were poised to win until Al Horford helped snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Enjoy the schadenfreude of a loss averted - that is, if you can take a few away from the actual Tom Brady performance.


Go Blazers!
Go Trail Blazers!!
Go Portland Trail Blazers!!!
Go Portland Trail Blazers of the Northwest Division!!!!

Lillard: " Hey Marcus....So you just like twist your hair for hours while your watching Peaky Blinders? "
Marcus Smart: " No I thought it was cool and looked in a mirror and punched it."

So Gordon Hayward has an "ouch", huh?
Well, Paul George returned strong from his paper cut – hope that bodes well for Gordon. Love Hayward – love to see him in
With Kyrie and the Marcus’s out too, Blazers should have a good chance.
with Celtics missing half of their team the Blazers might just have a chance….

Bazz is out
So clearly he is being traded… :blush:
Never heard of a toe described as "great" lol
Poor shabazz has a sore "great left toe"

Must win game.
1. Evan Turner.
2. At least one New England team has to lose today.
3. Celtics blog has the least creative name ever. Zero effort. Also their pre-game article picture is J-Lay. Really??


WTH are aminu and turner doing?

ET taking the game into his own hands
Celtics fans everywhere are thrilled!

They are completely ignoring Nurk on the roll.

Aminu come on. Pass it out
Aminu is dumb

Gosh, the Celtics have a lot of talent.
The talent resides primarily in the coach.

Ojeyle. Nice block
Ojeleye had that scouted out for sure, he knew Dame always goes up with the inside hand there

Not smart Zach

Loved Abdel Nader back at ISU
No way he should be in the league lol

That lob sure wasn't there hahaha

wow Yabusele is really beefy
I missed what is happening, but "I have a sister what is your favourite smell?" was asked to the beefy Celtic guy
I don’t get the connection in the question.

pat is having a turrible game

We need a little bit more from our starting forwards

2nd unit is not running as well without Bazz
CJ gotta take over this bench

Rozier is nice he will be starting PG next year somewhere kid is been amazing all year and with irving being out 2 games he is balling

Seems like we should be up more
But I’m just glad we are up lol


UGH no Turner in the 2nd or 4th! Offense is so crummy when this happens.
Look how he just drifts in the corner and they pack the paint and crowd the actual shooters…..UGH!!

What??? That was off THEIS!!

Why are you doubling down low Dame and leaving Tatum open? He lead the league in 3 point% for the first 30 or so games of the season

CJ what the hell was that

All the career 30%> shooters on Boston can't miss

UGH why is ET still in! Spread the offense Stott's! He brings nothing!!!
Why does ET always have to play 8 minutes in the 3rd!!

ET needs to sit on the bench for the remainder of his contract

Are you kidding me Aminu?
Get screened into oblivion and instead of recovering you stay 40 feet away from the rim guarding nobody, instead complaining to the refs as Horford gets himself a WIDE open look?

Get this idiot off the team

Aminu can’t stay in front of Horford is creating all kinds of opportunities for the Celtics as Horford is a good passer

Dame can't hit the broadside of a barn right now


Dame is hurt ugh


I wish we had someone at SF better than ET or Aminu...

Gonna miss Lillard going for 60....
And the Blazers losing to another depleted roster….

It would be criminal to lose this game.

Can’t let them score with 5 seconds left

patriot refs

could be Horford, could be Tatum, could be Rozier, could be Brown
I really have no idea who takes this last shot

Aminu on Horford. Ballgame

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