Cavs pass on Perk to sign ex-Celtics draftee Marcus Thornton

The Cleveland Cavaliers can't seem to make up their minds regarding which ex-Boston Celtics they'd like in their deep rotation.
After significantly shaking up their roster at the trade deadline (and taking a big, steaming dump on Paul Pierce's jersey retirement night), the word was the team was planning to add former Celtics big man Kendrick Perkins as a locker room presence, but instead turned to another one-time Celtic in one Marcus Thornton (the one we stashed in Australia) to fill out their roster.
While they are only signing him for a 10-day deal to meet league minimum roster requirements, Thornton has actually been an NBA G-League leader in recent weeks, and may be worth kicking the tires on given the Cavs will need cheap talent for as long as they have LeBron James on their roster. Just adding the 10-day deal itself will cost Cleveland more than a third of a million dollars despite his actual salary amounting to less than $50,000 - which ought to be a big red flag about the long-term viability of a team with LeBron on it in future seasons.
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Image: David Dow/NBA
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