Boston Celtics stand pat at trade deadline, will now consider buyout candidates

The NBA trade deadline has passed and the Boston Celtics have the same roster that they had yesterday. Danny Ainge made no moves. 

The biggest question mark for Celtics' fans was whether or not Marcus Smart would be dealt. His name had been rumored in possible transactions for Lou Williams, before he signed a three year, 24 million dollar contract extension, Tyreke Evans, and for even just a first round pick. This marks the fourth year in a row that Smart's name has been brought up in trade talks, and the fourth year in a row that he's remained a Celtic. 
Now, the Celtics will look into possible buyout candidates, who they'll be able to sign for the remainder of the season as they make their playoff run. The biggest name at the moment to be bought out is Joe Johnson, who was just traded from the Utah Jazz to the Sacramento Kings.

Johnson has no interest in being on the near-last-place Kings, and will request a buyout, so that he'll be able to compete for a ring this season. The Kings are apparently going to grant Johnson his wish, making him eligible to be signed by other teams. The Celtics are rumored to be eyeing the 36 year old small-forward.

 Only time can tell what's coming up next on Danny's agenda. We'll know more soon enough.

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Photo: Getty Images