Watch: The Lakers aren't doing bad enough to give the Cs their pick - yet

Boston Celtics fans don't need another reason to get psyched to play the Los Angeles Lakers, but they sure have one.
You see, if the season ended today and the ping-pong balls fell just as the standings happen to sit, the Lakers would keep the heavily-protected pick they may have to convey to Boston should they draft second through fifth this summer. With such a solid team already assembled, the Celts seem a piece or two away from truly being top-level contenders, so this could be a massive get for Danny Ainge and company - especially considering cap space is likely to be a scarce resource for the Cs for years to come.

While it might not be like yesteryear by any means when both teams take the floor tonight, and while there might be too much season left to burn for any result to have too much of an impact, a win for Boston means they might just be closing in on the tools required to hoist the 18th banner next year, and perhaps several more beyond. But there's bad news if we miss out on the pick, too, as it will strengthen one of our other long-time rivals currently on the upswing. 
So, watch the video above to get all the details on the pick swap should you need a refresher. More importantly, let it help you get in the mood to break out a chant that still gives me goosebumps - you know the one I'm talking about.

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Image: Elsa/Getty
Video: NBC Boston
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