Kyrie scores 37, Brown adds 20 and Horford gets 15/13 in Celtics-Warriors showdown (videos)

Kyrie Irving got nine points and dropped some nice dimes in his first game as a Celtic. It was just a preseason but we still got to see some signature Kyrie's moves to the basket. It'll be interesting to see how Irving develops in Brad Stevens' offense. Al Horford filled the statline with typical Al Horford's numbers: seven points, six rebounds, four assists and two blocks. Aron Baynes got the start and was Celtics' best scorer among starters with 10 points to go along with five boards and three assists.

But it was surprisngly Daniel Theis who scored the most points in the game for a Celtic. Theis played some very effective minutes in the second half and finished with 12 points, seven rebounds and three assists in his first official game in the NBA after playing seven years in Germany. Jayson Tatum was also solid with his nine points, five rebounds and five assists in which was hist first game in the NBA as well. Watch the best highlights from all five players as Celtics beat Hornets in the preseason opener!

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