Is LeBron handing over his throne to Terry Rozier?

For quite a long time now, LeBron James has reigned supreme over the rest of the Eastern Conference with no end in sight. “The self-appointed king,” as he was described by Cleveland Cavaliers owner and man-child Dan Gilbert, has been the one common denominator of the last seven NBA Finals representatives out of the East.

However don’t tell LeBron this just yet because he seems to be preparing to hand over his throne to a familiar face...

As seen above in the King’s latest Instagram post, Boston Celtics guard Terry Rozier may just be the next-in-line and rightful heir to the crown.

For any of my fellow Game of Thrones fans out there, we know this whole “next-in-line” business to be very serious and most of these people end up being beheaded, poisoned or fed to their own dogs before they even sit on the throne! ... Okay, Joffrey was killed after but who really wanted that deranged psychopath on the Iron Throne anyway?

Thankfully life in the NBA is a lot easier than this and the nights are not dark and full of terrors unless you're an Atlanta Hawks fan these days. For Celtics fans in particular, the nights have been filled recently by the stellar play of Rozier. And this is what gives a little cause for pause in regard to LBJ’s post.

Is LeBron trying to hint at something or tell us something here on a more serious note? Could it be that one of the game’s arguably top ten best players ever sees a lot of potential in the C's young stud? I think it’s very possible.

Considering the leap in the level of his play the last year or so, #12 has definitely earned some love. He’s bar-none one of the best backup points in the league and a guy who’s continuing his way on the path to the upper echelon of the NBA.

Despite a rough outing against the Nets before departing for London, the third-year Celtic had averaged 15.3 points and 6.0 rebounds in his previous six games before. Making a lot of big shots down the stretch and in big moments, Rozier shined brightest against LeBron's Cavaliers (and believe me, he thinks their his team) in the Green's blowout 102-88 victory last week.

Maybe this was when the Akron Hammer really took notice.

All in all it's not uncommon for players across the league to show other guys, especially the young bucks, some love and recognition for their hard work or play. But at the end of the day, to see one of our guys, and someone like Terry, get a shout-out from arguably the best player of this generation is pretty sweet regardless about how you feel about LeBron.

And personally, I don't know what Sports Illustrated is thinking below but he was at least top-two on the British accents!

The Celtics will look for their seventh-straight win as they resume action this afternoon at 3 PM as they take on the Philadelphia 76ers over in London.

Long live the king! Or prince! Or whatever we're calling Terry now!

What do you guys think of Rozier’s shout-out from LeBron and his play recently? Let us know in the comments below!

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Photo via Tony Dejak, AP Photo
Screenshot via Instagram, @kingjames