Green Envy: What Sixers fans said - 1/11

It was a great win in London for the Boston Celtics, as they overcame a 22-point deficit to comfortably blow by the Sixers. Philly fans went from jovial and optimistic in the first quarter, to absolutely livid in the second half. As a result, this Green Envy is just that much sweeter for us. Let's get to it!

Top Three

(pre-Celtics domination):
Can we move the team to London?

You can't even blow on Kyrie Irving or they call a foul

I thought a week of not seeing Bayless would lessen my hate. Nope.

The Collapse

Not a worse team in the league with a lead

Should have a#### 30 point lead man, what a joke

This is unwatchable

One of the most frustrating games I've ever had the displeasure of watching, tv is getting turned off in about 2 minutes

Honestly what's the point in playing? As someone else said they're not gonna let us win the game no matter what... I wanna see our 5 sit down Indian style on the floor and stare at the refs the rest of this game

Every.. single... night

Welp... time to turn it off

Up by 20 lose by 20 sound like the Sixers.

All I can say is be thankful you did not watch the game if you were stuck at work...

The collapse starting early this game

Well you know they would come back eventually. I'm going back to work this is a loss.

THis game is a Shakespearean tragedy

I wish I didn’t know the Sixers were up by 22 at one point.

Another great choke

Irrational Rant of the Day

You’re giving the Celts WAY too much credit. You must only be watching what the Sixers are doing and not what Boston is getting away with, as usual. Like I said-game was over before it started. I’ve seen Ben/Saric/Joel get hacked all game, and nothing. Boston gets away whatever they want-allows for a big comeback, and a young Sixer team can’t recover from playing the Celts/Silver/Refs. They can’t let “The Process” get any type of praise, so we will be punished for a long time. Whatever-nothing against Boston, but they have Zero chance of winning a ring this year. They won’t even get past the Cavs. Ok, I’m done!??

Full Slate

Left work early for this ****.. hope these clowns dont make me waste an hour and a half of leave -sorry, bud.

Smart is such a punk.

Smart being his typical self.

Celtics fakest number one seed ever?

So this is fun
Can we just not play the third quarter -smart man here, he knew what was coming.

When we lose this it will suck....a lot. -again, very wise.

Marcus Morris with some emotional issues lol

lol the morris brothers swear their tough

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