Green Envy: What Denver Nuggets fans said, 1/29

I don't know about you folks, but this Green Envy felt like it might not have happened today late in the fourth for a few seconds. But the Denver Nuggets managed to drop one to our Boston Celtics in amateurish fashion by not taking a timeout to advance the ball at a key juncture, and, well, now we're here - not that I am complaining. However, Nuggets fans had plenty to gripe over, and since that's why we're here, let's dive right in:



Why is Jokic not in the All-star game?

I've never been a big fan of Horford, from his time in ATL to now in BOS. People say he has lots of intangibles that don't show up in the box score, but I'm really struggling to see how he's not just another above-average guy. 14ppg and 8.6rpg for career, but ppl talk like he's a poor man's version of Duncan. Definitely not a guy the other team gameplans for. Could someone explain to me his value?

Boston's really good, but if Irving gets hurt they will sink like a stone.

Celtics will choke and never make the WCF! (note: this one is my fav-JQ)


Nuggets really having a tough time at the rim. I have never seen so many blown lay-ups and point blank misses. SMFH

Nuggets need a coach that will push Jokic. Too many games he takes under 9 shots and we lose by 3-5 points. He needs to be more selffish but needs a coach that will demand his greatness.
I hate his body language the most and Malone has called him on it. He looks like he’s mopping around a lot.

Dam where's the defense!

I dont unerstand malones frickin rotation. never have never will.

Kenneth Faried had fallen off. Was such an exciting player to watch a few years ago.

Nuggets have already won twice this year coming back form 18. If they win tonight it will be coming back form 20.

im tellin yall Muiday is abslolutlY WORTHLESS


Malone is pathqtic, Muiday is double pathatic, Wilson is pathtic, so is farried. I know they got Milsap but thats it?

how can Murry go from scoring what was it ,35 the other night and so far what is it 2 points tonight? he will be good at some point but he is too much up and down? I know the nuggets br#$%$ wont do it but they need to get off their #$%$ and get a real starting point guard and have him come off the bench no matter what it takes. Kronkless and the GM im sure are watching what we have been watching for awhile now

leave the guy wide open this late in the game . wow


No way that counts.

BALL HOG Barton wanted to be hero and missed the shot. didnt hit the rim' dont care what he scored tonight . HE is a ball hog.

Another smart game by Coach Malone! Why didn't the Nuggets call time out with 4 second left? Maybe cause Malone has no good plays. Malone just can't figure out what to do to win the close games.
Yeah, they would’ve had like 4.3 seconds to form a play and would be able to advance the ball to half court. Not the greatest strategy.
Seems like this one is squarely on Coach Malone.

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