Green Envy: What Clippers fans said - 1/24/18

The Celtics 4-game skid if over, Gordon Hayward is out there shooting jumpers, and all is right in the world! No Al Horford, no Marcus Smart, no problem - the C's got back in the win column for the first time since the game in England. That was two weeks ago! Nevertheless, we remember how to celebrate over here at CelticsLife:

Top Three:

Flat earth believers cant win!!

Why doesn't Doc rotate his players like Boston is doing.
Cuz he ain't a basketball genius like Brad Stevens

We seriously need a new defensive system.
You don't like the open three strategy?

Green Crowd:

Why do I hear some boos in favor of the celtics at the staples...?

The crowd sounds like this game is in Boston

fuck this crowd yo. Why are there so many Celtics fans in LA in the first place lmao.

cowards wouldn’t show their faces at the laker game so they all came to our game.

Dude sittin 3 rows behind the clippers bench in a brady jersey and a pats hat.. FOH bro smh

This crowd is ass

Full Slate:

Their point guards are clearly too quick for Milos to guard on the perimeter.
And that's the problem with Teodosic. Second string guards with handles can blow by him....
In his defense, Scary Terry is no ordinary second stringer

My God....what happened? We're lethargic on both ends. What happened to the team that beat Houston last week?

Bro the refs are basically being shit until the ASG break and their “meeting”. So many questionable calls tonight already.

WTF kind of defense is blake playing?!?!
not the good kind

So one simple screen is enough to beat our D. Great

With how often they are unintentionally fouling us, Hack-a-DJ seems like a bad idea.
Seems like a great idea to me personally

It should be an NBA bi-law to not speak about a player's free throw shooting while they are going to the line to shoot free throws... FFS

foul out all their big men. genius strategy

Mark Jackson is a douche

Blake Griffin “Sell Job” Kyrie “Smart play” lol

Man I wish we traded CP for Kyrie

Lol Lou has to guard Tatum in this lineup. What the fuck Doc

I just heard Aron Baynes call Blake papa

That man kyrie is scary to watch

Who will be the first Clipper to make a 3 tonight? Vote now

Who tf is Pepe Aguilar

Think I just saw Chief Keef at the game on TV

Trade everybody except for the homie Tyrone!!!

At what point will we start making the easy shots

If Lou was playing at his normal level we would be up 20 by now

this "hurry up the court" offense is back-firing....

Man we are playing like super doo doo the last 3 games

That Lou snub got to the teams head.

We got no name bums smacking 3s on us come on now...

Weak game tbh. We just made a bunch of scrubs from their bench look like curry and thompson

So... we suck again?

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