Green Envy: What Cavs fans said - 1/03/18

The Celtics took the Cleveland Cavaliers out to the woodshed tonight with a huge 102-88 win in Boston. Terry Rozier lead all scorers with 20 points and the C's ran the Cavs off the floor almost right from the jump. Per usual, Cavs fans had some things to say. Whether it was trying to trash Kyrie Irving or bitch that Channing Frye doesn't get to play (yes, that Channing Frye) they gave us some gold to relish in their defeat.

Top Three:

Can we put a cardboard cut out of IT on the floor so Crowder actually gives the team something?

Tommy Heinsohn is currently double parking in cars in Southie at half time, pissing off all the mobsters.

Inspiring to see one of three Cavs near the ball pursue it at half-speed.

Jealous Eyes:

You can tell Kyrie wants this. He’s actually playing D.
He knows it’s not the playoffs, right?

Wonder if Celtic fanboys chanted MVP for Irving last year…he had a better season, yet I don’t remember them showing their appreciation

The most I’m annoyed about this game is Kyrie accepting the trap and trusting his teammates to make the right play. Something he didn’t do enough with the Cavs.

Sometimes you wonder if this is just the kind of pure aggravation Kyrie was annoyed with on some of these Cavs players just not putting in the effort , lazy passes, not focusing ect. We had him to rely on

Full Slate:

Would really like to win this one…screw these guys.

Smart move by the management to (hopefully) keep IT on the bench tonight.

Be great if Kev didn’t suck tonight…

Yes my memory is revived on Boston refs. Not going to be a good night

Not a good matchup for Calderon
Although I dont know if good matchups for Calderon exist anymore…

PLease let’s not get embarrassed

Hope the Celtics give Smart a max…

Eat it Rozier, you uber scrub…
I wonder what his Uber rating is?
I gave him a ‘1’ when he drove me from the hotel to the train station last time I was in Boston…

Maybe our bench can dig us out of blahs

Rozier = scrub fuego
He was as surprised as anyone that his shot went in.

Lol some lady keeps screaming “ travel” every time wade has the ball on the the celtics side

I’m blaming this loss on the weather.

Trade TT to the Celtics now!

We can’t even hit the rim right now.

Holy crap we paid TT how much money??

“the cyclone weather bomb” has hit the cavs already —-could be 1 of those nights for the cavs as the nets are ahead of timberwolves at the half

Love Jeff Green!
My guy. Thinking of buying his jersey.

It looks like Jeff Green against the world

Tommy Heinsohn didn’t think that was a foul on Morris…

Anna Horford, I mean Al Horford with a nice bucket.

Tommy Heinsohn thought LeBron flopped. He’s currently prepping for First Take with Steven A Smith to vent, with Lavar Ball.

Kyrie’s new shoes require a plant based diet for handle purposes. It’s the opposite of the Ky-rispie-Cremes.

Remember back in the mid ’80s when Heinsohn did national games for CBS (I think), when the Celtics were on national tv all the time? Good times…

The Golden Turd is out with a pulled Grammy for Best Flopper.
***(I have no idea what this even means but it made me laugh)

Beadle must get annoyed doing this show with morons like Rose and Pierce…

Jalen Rose is talking in absolutes. It’s over!

Celtics have lead at half I see…they might just win the title in January

Cavs cannot get away with these sloppy passes against defensive teams like GS and Boston…

Don’t know how Smart ever fails to foul out

You're telling me IT couldn't have even played like, I dunno, 12 minutes tonight?

I haven’t checked, but the Cavs can’t be shooting better than 30%
A blistering 34%

The chances of a cavs win a receding just as quick as Lebron hairline

Can the camerman please stop showing Kyrie sucking his thumb?

Rozier is a disgrace to professional basketball…go play in China, dude

Wade, Love and Crower are 2/22 combined.

Wade can’t hit a jumpshot for his life

Lue has done a good job playing James 32 out of 36 minutes, and keeping Frye’s minutes down in. B2B

Another shot Fry would have made that Wade just missed

Time to throw in the towel

Celtics are just going to run away with the #1 seed

Cavs just running clock out they want out fast

Cavs down to 32.4 FG %…frankly I’m shocked it’s that high

Is this Celtics Cavs or Pats vs Browns, lol

Anything good happen?
There’s a really good Nova about the Hubble on PBS.

Jeff Green gets an A or B this game, everyone else thumbs down

Fry gets in last 5 mins of game now it’s out of reach

I get that the Cavs are the saving themselves for the playoffs, but is it too much to ask that they don't get blown out every other game?

Jackie McMullen will be hosting a karaoke tournament at Denny’s after the conclusion of this game. She didn’t mention which Denny’s so just drive around and see if you can find it.

If you said before the game that Irving would score just 11 pts and be 0/5 from deep, you would think Cavs win by double digits?

Tommy Heinsohn is apparently stalking Jackie McMullen now. He tried to bully me into telling her where she is. Good luck at Dunkin Donuts Tommy!

Bill Simmons is now live from Los Angeles to boast about how great of a city Boston is.

This team does nothing for me now except ruin my nights honestly.

Scary Terry kicked our ass

posted this morning —-7th game playoff mindset for the celts—-regular season game in early January (after an emotional game last night ) for the cavs —-this is by no means a “BAROMETER ” game (although media will hype it up to be )—celts win 109—101 —–NO BIG DEAL !!!!——–see you in may / june when it counts ( if you guys /celts get there )

That last guy definitely posted that this morning, I'm sure of it. I tried to make an account at to get some more goods for you guys, but I got denied access. I suppose for "Location" I should've put something other than "Anywhere but The Land".

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