Brad Stevens and Rick Pitino - contrasting anger styles

The tweet below was just too good to not spread around a bit more. With the current Celtics struggles, Coach Brad Stevens may be a little more demonstrative with his sideline emotions, but he generally is quite reserved compared to some his predecessors. Great job by the photographer to get that shot.

Former Celtics Coach Rick Pitino would never be described as reserved. Volatile and belittling of his troops, but never reserved.

Tom Heinsohn coached the Celtics teams of the 70's. Excitable? Yes, definitely. In the photo below we catch him in a somewhat placid moment. It seems Tommy has been around the Celtics organization forever, and he has. He has been with the Celtics organization in some capacity for most of the past 62 years.

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Stevens photo via David Butler II/USA TODAY Sports
Pitino photo via Gerry Brown/AP
Heinsohn photo via Sports Illustrated/Getty Images