Al Horford's defense continues to be a difference-maker for Celtics

Much has been made of Al Horford's versatile and diverse offensive skillset, and justifiably so; he is an offensive catalyst and leader in assists on a team that currently sits atop the eastern conference, and his name has been mentioned as being in the outskirts of the NBA's regular-season MVP race.

But it's not just the crucial offensive production and leadership that makes Horford so valuable - his defense is a critical element as well. He currently boasts a defensive rating of 101.0 and has limited or shut down elite scorers such as Kristaps Porzingis (twice).

Nevertheless, Horford still managed to stand out on that end in the Celtics' Wednesday night national-TV blowout victory over LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, despite his own lofty standards. The following stat pretty much sums up his impressive showing.

And yet there are still those incapable of looking even slightly beyond basic per-game stats who still question Horford's value on a max deal.

Couldn't be me.

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