Videos: Breaking down the possibility of Gordon Hayward's return

While we haven't got word yet as to whether Gordon Hayward is out of his walking boot, if it's not off now, it will be very soon.

News like this, and the words he shared with Boston Globe reporter Adam Himmelsbach have sparked a debate that would have been ludicrous to even think of on opening night:

Hayward might just suit up again this season.

"Might" is the operative term here, because even though Gordon is optimistic and progressing as fast as could be reasonably hoped for, he's got a lot of rehab just to get back to full ambulatory capabilities, never mind league-leading athletic abilities. So what would a Hayward return look like, if possible - and should we really even be considering it at all?

Join Mike Gorman and the folks from NBC Boston as they talk about these issues, and whether the emphasis should be on getting Hayward back into the swing of things, or if the risk of re-injury is too great.

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Image: Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images
Video: NBC Boston
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