Video: Utah Jazz 107 - Boston Celtics 95 full highlights and analysis

Miss the game last night?

It was a rough one to watch, so if you did, there's that at least. Don't go hitting the panic button just yet, but you have to be concerned about the lack of effort being put into chasing down boards and on the defensive end of the court, too. Throw in a cold night of shooting for almost everyone on the Boston Celtics' roster, and you pretty much hand the Utah Jazz the win, despite being down Rudy Gobert and Derrick Favors. 

We're going to need stronger showing from the bench, some luck on the health front (you can add poor Daniel Theis to Boston's list of potential head-gear wearers, should he try to play with his recently broken nose), and we might want to start trying out some ten-day deals just to add a little depth if we're going to wait with the Designated Player Exception. Until those things happen, we've got you covered should you want a look at what went wrong.

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Image: Charles Krupa/AP
Video: MLG Highlights
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