The Celtics and Red Sox join forces in Twitter beef with Trailblazers

The Boston Red Sox found themselves the victim of a relatively harmless jab from the Portland Trailblazers twitter account last night after an article came out about the Blazers' new Nike Statement jerseys, which happen to be like 95% red. Blazers big man Ed Davis said he won't be wearing red sox along with his statement gear and his team's twitter couldn't help but bring it to the Red Sox' attention, resulting in this hilarious exchange between the teams:

Nothing crazy with that response, just showing support for their local brethren, but the Blazers decided to take it to the next level with this gif of Boston fan favorite Evan Turner scoring against his former team (from last year mind you, s/o Jordan Mickey getting burned by ET):

Then comes the fatality from our friends over at Fenway:

The C's response:

Annnnnnd that's all she wrote:

If you're gonna come at one of the New England teams on twitter you'd better be ready for a fight.

Photo Credit - Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

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