Green Envy: What Suns fans said - 12/2/17

The Boston Celtics reign supreme once again after a win over the Phoenix Suns at the TD Garden. Devon Booker dropped 38 points against the C's but the green team managed to hold off the budding star from the Western Conference and mark their place as the first team in the NBA to 20 wins this season. The Suns fans aren't quite as fun as some of our other opponents, but they provided us with a few gems.

Top Three:

Air conditioning off, windows open, it’s a beautiful Saturday, fuck the Celtics.

Does anyone else think those Black Celtics jerseys make all their players look fat?

Can we hire some of the Celtics training staff, they're all ripped and the Suns have puny muscles.

Booker vs C's:

I'm going out on a limb here but I think Booker likes playing the Celtics.

On my way to the game to see Booker score a 100 or see us lose by 40 or both

Booker has more points during today's first half (21) than he did in the first half (19) of his celestial 70-point game. Just sayin...
Man don't jinx it
101 points confirmed

Let's just keep it competitive so that when Booker gets his 71, people won't complain about it being in a blowout loss

Why has Booker always a good game in Boston at TD Garden? I think he wants to be traded to Boston

The fact Book is able to drop all these 30+ point games with getting to the line only 3-5 times is amazing

Full Slate:

I think that the Celtics are not that good, not a contender.

I don't see us winning this. Kyrie is probably gonna put 40 on us tonight.

Bender looking good. Jackson looking alright. Monroe is worthless

Every time josh drives to the rim I get a little nervous

Chandler getting lit up by Horford now.

I guess bookers knee is OK. Also, my phone auto corrects bookers to scooters

Just woke up. Holiday party and hung over. Just ordered breakfast. Hating life.

Did we seriously pull Book with 15 secs left in the half???
Gotta rest him for the half time motivational speech

"Oh shit, Suns playing good defense better call a foul" - refs

Suns down by 6 after the 1st half against the number one team in the NBA, I'll take that any day of the week and twice on Saturdays.

Sweet we lose again. This team is so miserable

Our team looks like they do not give a shit. Sit em' all, this is fucking sad.

If you're shocked we're losing to the best team in the East on their home court then I don't know what to tell you

James > Ulis
turd sandwich > doodoo burger

It's like Warren is cursed by the God of Miscellaneous Injuries

Monroe, at least fucking jog at the shooter

I see Monroe is getting a taste of what it's like to be a Sun

Yall have a hate boner for Mike James, christ
He's the Nickelback of the Suns

Morris is so slow though haha moves like an old man

Horford is pretty good, but he wants no part of defending lobs.

Down 5 to down 10 in 30 seconds. goddamnit

Jackson looks lost.

The difference is Kyrie Irving. We are really close to the Celtics, but he puts them on another tier.
Nah. I don't think that's the difference, They have Irving we have Booker but they have an amazing coach with solid players (better defenders,better shooters, solid vets.)

Stevens is the game changer. Ainge drafted a lot of misfits for him and he somehow made this work.
Reaching that Pop level where doesnt matter who they draft... he'll make it work. And their biggest signing isnt even playing yet.

Yo wtf is up with these calls
The nba loves the celtics.

I still love JJ over bland and too slow Tatum.

Tatum has 15 pts, 6 boards, 2 assists, 2 steaks, and 2 blocks. Wowzer, and I thought this was a "quieter" night for him.

What's your best player comparison for Jayson Tatum? I'm coming up blank
Paul George
Mj or LeBron

I’m so happy we’ve graduated to “Bender’s problem is playing well consistently” from “Bender’s problem is playing all”

Damn it why don't we play this aggressive every game

Whoa, am I watching the suns or an actual good team?

Celtics/Refs 116 Suns 111

Just for fun...

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