Green Envy: What Pistons fans said - 12/10/17

The Boston Celtics managed to avenge the loss they suffered the last time they faced the Detroit Pistons a few weeks back with a 91-81 win Sunday night in Detroit. While the C's offense wasn't quite in top form the defense was on point, holding the Pistons to a season-low 81 points for the Celtics defense helped them leave Detroit with a win, albeit an ugly one. Aron Baynes managed to keep Andre Drummond in check and that went long way towards handing the Pistons their 6th-straight loss.

Top Three:

Feels like we haven't hit a field goal since last week

What we are seeing lately, and in this particular game, is what happens when an able team adapts to Van Gundy's extremely predictable offense. What was new and effective earlier in the season is now extremely rote.

Maybe Adam Silver is watching this game and will decide to cancel basketball.


Boban is in. Victory is ours.


Imagine Boban with the vertical of Spud Webb and the athleticism of Lebron

Boban giving me reasons to live

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Sensing a Bradley revenge game... I don't know why tho

I know it’s to be exepected but they seem so ready for our attack

ah the classic, no D no score plan.

Thank god Tatum doinked that because I really wouldn't want to see that shit on replay for the next week

One word to describe that first quarter: UGLY

Holy shit we’ll be lucky to score 60 points

What a disaster this game is

That was a laughably bad shot by Smart right there. Almost air balled a 3 footer

I reaaaaally don’t want another L, and I know we’ll suddenly wake up soon, I wish this team would play a full 48 mins

This game feels like it exists outside of reality.

Just take a knee and take it to the half please...

Ok this is gross to watch. Put in Boban for my entertainment pls

Going to the game Tuesday...pretty nervous about it at this point.

did Aron Baynes just attempt a 3??

is it just me or have the celtics gotten a shit ton of lucky rolls this game?

If Andre boxed out every time, he'd pull down 30 boards a game.

I hate feeling like the games over before the 4th quarter even starts

I feel sick.

Anybody seek Rick Mahorn making faces behind Greg Kelser? That dude’s hilarious!


Ish Smith: +8
Reggie Jackson: -22

Previous 4 games didn’t bother me. This one did

Everyone always forgets how to shoot at the same time

I'm starting to forget the feeling of happiness.

Santa, I want a small forward for Christmas.

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