Green Envy: What Nets fans said - 12/31

The C's capped off a great 2017 calendar year with a win over the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday night. While Brooklyn fans are celebrating New Year's Eve in The City That Never Sleeps, the celebrating will be just a little sweeter in New England after the Celtics were able to hold off the Nets. Here's what Nets fans said.

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Happy new years Nets family. Get a drink or 5, we all deserve it

Lather, rinse, repeat..
Close game? Dinwiddie goes into hero ball. Over and over... at this point it should be on Kenny.

Me when i ask myself why i'm a Nets fan

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What the **** is with these refs. Boston is literally out here setting moving picks every time down the floor.

What the hell are these refs doing?

Refs should be fired.

Multiple contact fouls at the rim and no calls. I seriously don't understand what these refs are watching.

Lol @ Smart.

Thanks Smart lol.

Zeller play some damn defense

Spencer Dinwiddie: chucking us out of games since 2016.

LOL At that shot. Dinwiddie never fails to disappoint in the clutch.

Liked how the team played hard. Great attitude, Happy New Year and may the Nets be blessed with much much needed luck in 2018.

Celtics aren't a title contender.

Happy new year y'all much love and f*** the celtics

Wtf is that dude's hair. -Baynes, I presume?

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