Green Envy: What Hornets Fans Said, 12/27

After a disappointing loss on Christmas Day to the Washington Wizards, the Boston Celtics came back with a vengeance tonight and took down the Hornets in Charlotte, 102-91. Charlotte's not a very good team this year and their fans voiced their frustrations tonight, let's take a look at what they said:

Top Three

1. Our very own Hornets have fooled the coaching staff and front office into thinking they're a team full of pros. They haven't demonstrated an ounce of a backbone all year long

2. Michael Scrubber Williams should never see the court ever again

3. Get this, the Boston broadcast just said we're one of the best 3 point defensive teams in the league, hahahahaha what a joke, I wish that were true

Best of the Rest:

Dwight turnover and an opponent three to start the game, such a Hornets way to start it off

Lol this team looks likee they just can't wait for the season to end

Greg Olsen is at this game, we'd honestly have a better shot of having him out there than Marvin Williams

LOLOL at the fact that MCW thinks he's an offensive option

Kemba deserves better than this

Wish we had a guy to hustle every play like Smart does

So jealous watching Boston's perimeter defense

I don't want to be a Hornets fan anymore

Stevens is playing chess, we're playing some bullshit fisher price game, not even checkers, we're not good enough for that

My god Michael Jordan what have you done to our team

New Coach, new GM, new roster, toss everyone but Kemba and Monk

Pure delusion to think that our team was a contender for the playoffs, this team is hot garbage

Wow we're actually starting to comeback

I know this is a nice little run by us, but we're gonna lose so who cares really

Don't worry Boston, MCW will come back in and you will start killing us again

Rozier always hurts us

Frank just let a sub 6 foot player score a layup against him

Kaminsky doesn't move at all on defense, I HATE HIM

More Boston fans than Hornets fans in our own house. This is what happens when you put garbage on the floor

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