Green Envy: What Grizzlies fans said - 12/16/17

The Celtics rolled into Memphis last night, went up huge, blew that lead, then rattled off 16 straight points to put an end their 2nd longest losing streak of the season (that's one game). Some Grizzly fans were a little optimistic to start. That optimism was quickly thwarted after the abomination of a 1st quarter from their team. Even when they came back from that early hole they dug themselves into, positive thoughts were hard to come by from the Grizzly faithful.

Top Three:

Grizzlies might want to double check the ball pressure, because, you know about these teams from Boston. Just saying........

Paying Conley that money is dumb. Paying Parsons all that money is dumber. Being a Memphis fan is dumbest

Wait....wasn’t Coach Fizdale the problem?

The Dreadful 1st Quarter:

Memphis being MEMPHIS AGAIN this team is horrendous

Another 12pt quarter. smh

Memphis on pace for 48. Good job losers

How do u score 3 pts in 6 minutes.

Memphis should just forfeit the season. Bunch of overpaid BUMs

Full Slate:

Celtics have lost 3 out of 4 on a back 2 back with a team that plays the same tempo as them. Grizz +6 Book it

The Celtics suck, and are on a losing streak that will equal their "winning" streak from the beginning of the season! Chandler Parson will be "player of the game!"

"marcus smart takes the deep three and misses" - how many times have I heard that on the celtic's broadcast?

Things have really gotten better for Memphis since Gasol threw the coach under the bus.

celtics have no bench

Stevens ain't all that as a coach.

I think I believe again?

Winning in Memphis. But do I really feel the way I feel?

Do y'all realize how good tyreke Evans is

Tatum is a stud (best pick of the draft).

There's a lot of negative talk here about the Celtics - Coach is not all that, no bench, Smart can't shoot. Well, all I know is that they're 25-7 without Hayward so they are definitely doing something right!! Saying Brad Stevens isn't all that as a coach is like saying LeBron is just OK as a basketball player!!

Too much chalmers :/

how about don't play chalmers in closeouts
Or at all...
Or Ben McLemore.

@ everyone who still thinks we should compete this season... this is what happens when we play good teams lol.We suck.
Seriously, and then people will angrily rant about "fake fans" who want to tank. Literally the only somewhat sensible reason there is to not tank at this point is the risk of the team moving, and the lease on the forum doesn't expire for a while anyways.

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