Green Envy: What Bulls fans said - 12/23/17

Bulls fans came out tonight full of enthusiasm and promise, but after a 25-point beatdown at the hands of the Celtics that early optimism was long gone. The tone from the Chicago peanut gallery took a drastic shift from "we're better than people think!" to "we've been tanking all along!" There's a ton of envy in the air tonight blowing around in The Windy City.

Top Three:

Dear Santa, buy me one Irving.

Holiday has a wide open pass or oop to Lauri but instead he decides to dribble around and shoot a contested three. This guy has the vision of a dolphin with sunglasses on.

How can the ball be round if our world is flat?
Magnets bruh

Who's salty?:

Santa, all i want for Christmas is bulls be up by 20 against Boston and its salty fans. Ive been nice all year.

I just want the Saltics fans to be mad. That's all.

I've always hated that massive Irish-wannabe franchise

Full Slate:

Forget tanking. Time to start another winning streak. The Celtics are 7.5 point favorites.

Gonna be good to see a preview of one of our possible eastern conference finals opponents.

Raptors fan here, you guys beat their asses so we can take the 1st seed plz

I feel like Celtics fans HATE the Bulls

When Lebron leaves Cleveland for the Western Conf. I think Celtics will be our biggest conf. rivals.

Why are all our power forwards 🐐?

This peter griffin commentator is driving me nuts

Our bench is way too good for this tanking project.

If we started the season playing like this we could be the 2nd - 3rd seed in the east, no joke

How did we get so good
Mirotic and Nwaba are killing it from the bench.


Feast Portis, feast.


Im gonna start calling Bobby Boflex

Ok like i really hope semi is okay but i just witnessed a murder


Denzel got Tatum on skates lol.

Semi tried to hide under the floorboards but ZipGod found him.

I'll be honest with you guys, I'm falling in love with this team. It's way better and funnier than last year team.
Edit: funnier wasn't the best word. Let's go with exciting

Red team needs to box out

Those kids were specifically instructed not to play real defence.

I know Dunn has been playing well lately but i want to see a change this game. He's horrible right now

Dunn is 1-10 and most of those are layups smh.

Why is Kris so bad at layups?
he's just warming up

The return of the turd quarter Bulls...

something something embrace the tank

Everytime holiday shoots, i have that feeling that hes gonna brick it

Vucevic out 6 weeks for Magic, this tank race just got even harder. Especially when the trash ass Grizzlies are also becoming big time players

Horford always pushes off the defender with his hands on screens so annoying
I went on twitter to search if anyone was talking about it. So many tweets about Celtics setting illegal/moving screens in their games.

Idk if Ive seen worse defense between this white and maroon team.

Seriously zipshit

Is Dunn wearing a Wolves jersey?
The tank is strictly implemented

I guess they had the "talk" before this game.

Not gonna lie, Kyrie is filthy with his handles

Justin Holiday is efficiently pissing me off tonight

The ghost of IT possessed grant

Zipser decided to just give it away, no reason to even try

Time to start another losing streak

I haven't been impressed with this Celtics team at all. Biggest pretenders in the league, probably will get a gentleman's sweep from LeBron in the playoffs
Worst #1 Seed of all time
lol yep we would have won if Rondo didn't get injured

this NBA is way more fun than the one 15 years ago

RoLo will let anybody come off a screen and shoot a jumper. It's cake.

Stacey: Dunn is 1-12
Funk: He was doing well earlier

Remember when lebron blew out the celtics by 50 points? Good times

Al Horford is the fake 1 seed master

Holiday chucking again, and Dunn can't shoot again. No wonder it's a blowout loss. That's the tasty tank recipe right there.

at this point the only thing keeping me going is the reminder of the celtics getting swept by LeBron in the playoffs

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