Great shooting by Jaylen Brown vs. Nuggets

Jaylen Brown may have found the solution to his vision problem. Last night, against the Denver Nuggets, he had a terrific outing. He scored 28 points on 9/12 from the field and 3/4 on threes. He added to that line with five rebounds, two steals and one block. Boston came away with the 124-to-118 win.

Brown has been dealing with a vision issue for the past several games, and the protective eye wear he tried were more of a problem than a solution. Fogging, discomfort and limited peripheral vision hampered his shooting and overall production. In the two games prior to the Nuggets contest, he shot five-of-twelve against the Bulls and five-of-eleven versus Detroit. He launched 12 shots against the Nuggets and made nine of them. In the Detroit/Chicago games he shot a combined three-for-nine on threes but notched three-of-four against Denver.

So for the present, wearing contacts during games may be the solution. Some of us are going to miss seeing Professor Brown in glasses, but they were an absolute nuisance for him. Apparently Jaylen's eye wear choices were a source of humor around the Celtics organization. In the tweet below, Brad Stevens refers to the goggles as "retro-spec". Some of the comments referencing the video/tweet reveal the fondness many feel for Brad. His manner just generates adoration.

The Celtics take on the Utah Jazz on Friday, and hopefully the contacts will work again for Brown. The Celtics need his scoring. Retro or not, he never wants to see those glasses again.

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Photo via Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images