Does Isaiah Thomas wants revenge on the Celtics?

Isaiah Thomas has been known to speak him mind, it is something he's been doing since he signed his first NBA contract. Regardless of what people think he stays true to what he believes in, and fans better believe that he wants revenge against the Boston Celtics. 
Thomas has been hungry to get back on the court and show his critics that he still has his "magic" touch. Below is a tweet Thomas posted to show his frustration with the media spreading false rumors.

This "league source" is incorrect about the date Thomas will be returning, and again he took to his Twitter to poke holes in the story. Thomas has been sidelined for roughly six months with a hip injury, however April would be a year off the court which sounds like an outrageous amount of time to be out.

This is Thomas' second delay from his injury after initially targeting a mid-December return. The Cleveland Cavalier's are hopeful that the point guard will make his season debut in the first week of January. This is ironic because the Cavaliers are scheduled to take on the Celtics, Thomas' former team.

Thomas has a case to want revenge on the Celtics organization and mainly Danny Ainge. He single-handedly brought basketball back to the city of Boston by giving the fans a "star" player they could get behind. After Ainge traded away Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, Celtics fans were stuck in Purgatory for a few seasons.

Thomas brought the mindset of "hard-nose" basketball back, which Celtic fans have been used to for decades. Thomas wanted to raise the 18th banner and finish his career in a green jersey, however he feels slightly betrayed by the organization.

In Danny Ainge's defense, the NBA is a business and he received a top-five point guard in Kyrie Irving. Also Thomas will be 30 years old next season and he will want to receive a max-deal which Ainge was unwilling to give to an injury prone player. Irving is 25 years old and still has two years under his current contract which is a far superior situation.

With this being said, both teams should be rooting for the return of Isaiah Thomas against the Celtics. It would add any extra spark to a rivalry that has been going strong for years.   

Photo Credit (Thomas): Ken Blaze- USA Today Sports 
Photo Credit (Ainge): Nicolaus Czarnecki