Boston Celtics lead the league - in games played

If it seems like the Boston Celtics have been playing a little more than usual, it's not just you.
Clocking in at 33 games, the Celts have played more games than any other team in the NBA as of today, and it's not by coincidence. Because Boston is joining the Philadelphia 76ers overseas in London this January  11th as part of the league's Global Games series, the team has seen it's schedule front-loaded to account for the significant difference in time and all the preparation required to get two teams properly situated to play when they are usually sleeping. Boston will play only the 76ers in London the week of the 11th, and won't play again until January 16th - the primary cause for all the early games.

Not even Philadelphia is playing as much, though, with 30 games to their credit so far, with the three extra games for the Cs placing them squarely atop the league for early-season matchups. So far, it hasn't been much of an issue for the team - remember that 16-game win streak? - though as we saw in the recent game against the Denver Nuggets, key veteran players like Al Horford have taken time off because of the heavy schedule, and injuries have plagued the team over the first months of the season, some likely aggravated by all the extra work they're getting.
So, while it's been a (mostly) successful start despite the steep schedule and injuries, it's not that unusual - they hit their 33rd game of the season even earlier last season, and with no overseas trip, either - it will also provide the Celtics with some much-needed rest late in the season while other playoff teams are juggling seeding concerns with rest. You know how the saying goes - "All work, then all rest makes Boston a dangerous team".

Or something like that.

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Image: Boston Celtics/NBA
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