A nice way to start the week in Boston: two, final-second victories

It is a great time to be a Boston sport's fan! 

Just a week after disappointing Monday night losses for the Boston Celtics and New England Patriots, they turned around, and totally redeemed themselves! On Sunday afternoon, the Patriots beat the Pittsburgh Steelers with a last-second interception, and last night, the Celtics defeated the Indiana Pacers after a miraculous steal and dunk to end the game.

This whole fourth quarter comeback thing is nothing new for the Patriots, who have time and time again impressed with the game on the line. I mean, they have the best quarterback of all time under the helms, and at 40 years old, he's showed no signs of slowing down. For goodness sake, we've seen Super Bowls won in the same fashion as Sunday's win! Whether it's a goal-line interception, or a Tom Brady-led, fourth quarter drive, the results end up being the same: Victory. 

New Englanders expect the Pats to win in any given situation. We've seen it done, and know that they can do it again on any given night. Ho hum. Just the Patriots winning another game. It's old news.
These clutch-time Celtics, on the other hand, are something that we aren't quite used to seeing.

In last night's victory, the Celtics were down by five points with only thirty-seconds left on the Jumbotron. In every game across the NBA this season, no team has overcome that deficit, in that situation, and ended up winning the game. The Celtics were the first.
To boot, they went perfect while doing so:

They were Tracy McGrady-esque (to a much lesser extent) in that time period, because in those 30 seconds, they scored ten points. A lot of that had to do with the most clutch player in the NBA in Kyrie Irving, but in the end, it was a different Celtic who would be the night's hero. 

The man of many nicknames: Tito, Terry Three Stacks, Tito Three Sticks, T-Ro, T-Rozay, Khum; whatever you want to call him, Terry Rozier came up huge in last night's victory with his half-court steal and break-away jam for the win

And he stunned statisticians in the process: 

The Celtics are showing that they have some Patriots in them, with last night's fourth-quarter victory seeming to have come right out of Bill Belichek's playbook. Heck, Bill may want to start recruiting Terry before he gets settled in as a real NBA threat.

These fourth-quarter Celtics have been dominant for most of the season, and lead the East with their record of 26-7, which is still two games above the Cleveland Cavaliers. We'll see them play again tomorrow night versus the Miami Heat. Go Cs!

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Photo: NBC Sports