Warriors in an unfamiliar situation tonight

The Golden State Warriors will enter tonight's matchup with the Boston Celtics in a situation that they may not be used to: playing a team with a better record than theirs. It'll be a battle of the conference leaders, as the Cs have the best record in the Eastern Conference (and NBA) at 13-2, and the Warriors lead the West with a record of 11-3
This fun, little stat probably doesn't come as a surprise to most basketball fans, as the Warriors have been dominant for the past three season. Combined over those years, they have a 207-39 record. That stat is ridiculous, because many teams this season will lose 39 games. They've also gone to every NBA Finals in the last three seasons, winning two; have had the league's MVP twice; and have had the Scoring Leader, the Defensive Player of the Year, and the Coach of the Year all once. Just an eye-popping resume for that team. 

But enough about the Warriors. They're playing the best team in the NBA tonight. In a rare occurrence, they're the inferiors. The Celtics are Alpha. Golden State should be nervous, even afraid, because they'll be entering a war-zone. The Garden will be bumping from tip-off to the final buzzer, and you best believe that there will be some hostility from the crowd. Here's a look at the Warrior's locker room:

And I know that it's not a Game 7, but this game certainly has some playoff-type vibes. It's the biggest game of the NBA season thus far, and I can't pass up an opportunity to post this video.

"Got a missile launcher with a couple...missiles." Absolute classic.

It's almost game time folks. The wait is almost over! And it's about time, because the anticipation of today has been killing me. C'mon Cs! Let's keep streaking!

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Photo: ESPN