Steph Curry thinks it's "very, very likely" the Celtics make the Finals

After losing to the Celtics on Thursday night, Golden State Warriors star point guard Stephen Curry had some praise for Boston. When asked if he thought the game could've been a preview of this summer's NBA Finals, Steph replied that it is "looking very, very likely right now" and added how he heard that "the weather is great here in June." These are some strong words from the guy who has been to the Finals each of the last three years.

Here is the 29-year-old All-Star's full response:

Again, interesting word choice from Steph. Even though his Warriors have faced off with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers for the past three straight years, he is inferring here that it is not likely LeBron will get to the Finals this season. King James has represented the Eastern Conference in the Finals every year since 2011 - seven consecutive times. He has simply owned the East since Boston's last run with the Big Three ended. Yet, Curry is suggesting that this year is Bostons turn to reappear in the Finals.

While it is way too early in the season to be thinking about a Finals trip for the Celtics (and the Warriors, for that matter - Houston is looking legit), it's encouraging to hear someone on the Warriors predict the Celtics getting there. If anyone knows what it takes to get there, it is Steph Curry and the reigning champs.

Plus, looking at the current landscape of the East, maybe the Celtics really are Finals favorites now. The Cavaliers are over .500 again but have been exposed on the defensive end throughout the young season. Although some people still believe that the Raptors and Wizards are better than Boston (*cough* Charles Barkley), the Celtics have already tamed the Raptors once this season and defeated a very similar Wizards team in the playoffs last year. And if the Pistons are actually legit (which I think they are, by the way), then we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

If - and that's a big if - the Celtics do indeed meet the Warriors in the Finals, the NBA would be in for a treat based on their matchup on Thursday. Despite the excessive foul calling and ugly shooting, it was an intense and exciting game. When a No. 1 defense is on a collision course with a No. 1 offense, it's hard to predict what will happen - All you know is that all hell could break loose.

So while we won't jump the gun after just 20% of the season and before seeing Playoff LeBron or a Cavs team that has a healthy Isaiah Thomas, boy would it be something if the Celtics could manage a trip to the Finals. And according to Steph, that already seems very, very likely.

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Photo via Matt Stone