LeBron James posts subjective picture on his Instagram

Tuesday night LeBron James posted this meme of Arthur the Aardvark, a character from a 90's PBS show, clenching his fist in anger and commented "Mood." The picture has represented frustration or anger when used as a meme. It may or may not be a coincidence that he posted it roughly five minutes after the Boston Celtics won their ninth straight game against the Atlanta Hawks.

James has been known to use his social media platform to get his opinion out there to the public, whether it be his political views, messages to his team, or messages to his teammates. This is not a silly, random post that James thought was funny, it has a strong meaning towards someone.

Is James throwing shade at the Cleveland Cavaliers front office for letting Kyrie Irving go, or could it represent his frustration with his teams horrendous start?

Irving also happened to have his best game in a green jersey as he exploded for 35 points (with 12 in the fourth quarter), seven assists and three boards, all while shooting 63.6% from the field. Irving helped win the game late in the fourth by hitting big shots, and hitting the go-ahead three pointer with a minute and 37 seconds left in the game.

However yesterday James gave a vague explanation about his questionable post. According to ESPN reporter Dave McMenamin, James had this to say about his recent picture, however his answer leaves us with more questions than answers.

The Celtics have been having a successful season while the Cavaliers have been in disarray, which might be a leading cause in James' frustration. This subjective post has not been the first of the Cavaliers drama inside the locker room. Earlier this season, Dwayne Wade was benched for the likes of J.R. Smith, and he expressed his true feelings about the situation.

The entire Cavaliers' players continue to point figures at each other, one reason why they have been playing so poorly. Maybe James' post was heard loud and clear by a specific person and they know who they are, or maybe it means something totally different.