Kyrie Irving doubtful, Al Horford probable for tomorrow's game against Raptors

Early in the Boston Celtics' comeback win against the Charlotte Hornets, Aron Baynes accidentally hit Kyrie Irving in the mug as he was attempting to block a Kemba Walker floater. Kyrie went down with blood dripping from his face, and ended up walking off of the court with a red stained towel covering the wound.

It was just released that Kyrie suffered a minor facial fracture on the play, and is listed as doubtful for tomorrow's early afternoon game against division rival, the Toronto Raptors.
On a brighter note, Celtics' multifaceted big-man, Al Horford was upgraded to probable for the matchup. Let's all take a deep breath and let out a massive sigh of relief. There had been worry over Horford's concussion because of the reoccurring nature of the injury. Last season, Horford missed nine games because of the same impairment. 
The Celtics' proved last night that they can compete without their three stars of Gordon Hayward, Al Horford, and Kyrie Irving on the floor. They beat the Charlotte Hornets, sans Big Three, 90-87 in dramatic fashion. It's comforting to know that at least one of our floor generals will be suited up in what should be an exciting game versus the Raptors.

Irving isn't unfamiliar with facial injuries. In 2015, he fractured a bone in his face, and then again the next season in 2016, he broke his nose. During his first stint with a mask, Kyrie was donned the Dark Knight, Darth Vader, and the Phantom of the Garden, after he dropped 41 points in a loss to the New York Knicks, while wearing a gigantic black mask that covered the majority of his face. 

We may be seeing the return of Masked Kyrie, which would be badass, but may be a hinderance to Irving's game. On the injury last season, he said, "Your peripheral vision kind of gets taken out. It's an adjustment I have to get used to, once again." 

And unfortunately, an adjustment that he may have to get used to one more time. I'm sure more is to come on #maskgate

First thing's first, let's get #11 back on the floor. Fingers are crossed for a quick recovery. Double-fingers are crossed that he'll be back in time for tomorrow's tilt. But with or without Kyrie, this team will be battling to keep this streak alive. Go Cs. 

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Photo: AP Images