Isn't it great to be a Boston Sports fan?

Man, life in Boston is fantastic! We're either celebrating the last championship, or anticipating the next one. I mean, in just the past ten years we've raised six banners across the city, with each of the four major sports' teams winning at least one. In total, there have been 36 trophy-winning teams in town, the first of which being the Boston Americans, who took down the Pittsburg Pirates in the MLB's inaugural World Series.
Season after season, Boston teams impress the world, and give us Mass Holes reasons to be proud. This year is no different. The Boston Celtics are in first place in the NBA with their record of 16-2, and likewise, the New England Patriots lead the AFC at 8-2. Two more championship games are on the horizon. 

And better yet, both the Cs and Pats keep winning. They refuse to lose. It's been over one month since either team has lost a game; 35 days to be exact, and in those days, they've gathered a combined 22 Ws, and have outscored their opponents by well over 200 points. That is pretty good.

And as always, each Boston team supports the others. They all want to see each other succeed. They all want to see a banner raised, even if it won't be hanging in their respective stadiums. We saw this in 2015 when Kevin Durant met with the Celtics during his free-agency tour. None other than the GOAT, Tom Brady showed up to advocate for the city and it's sports culture. We see this all the time in the Garden, when Patriots' players are shown on the Jumbotron, sitting court-side in support of their team. And we saw it more recently when Isaiah Thomas was shipped from town, and TB12 texted his blessing.

And again, the Pats have shown-up in support of the Cs. They posted this gem shortly after the Celts took down the Mavs on Monday night for their 16th straight victory.

They don't call it Title Town for nothing. So who will be our next victims? The town of Miami has drawn the short straw. Tonight, the Celtics will take on the Miami Heat in South Beach, attempting to clinch their 17th straight. The Pats will take on the Miami Dolphins in Foxboro on Sunday, searching for their 7th in a row.

Damn, it feels good to be a Boston sports fan!

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Photo: CBS Boston