Green Envy: What Thunder fans said - 11/3/17

Last night's victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder marked 7-straight wins for the Boston Celtics. While C's fans got to enjoy a great 2nd half comeback, the OKC fans had to endure an epic collapse. Blame was pointed all-around, but coach Billy Donovan got the brunt of the burn from the Thunder faithful after clearly getting outclassed by Brad Stevens down the stretch.

Top 3:

On paper we should win this easily, but Boston is so well coached and the new guys are already adapted in their system so...

If I didn't have a 15-month old fast asleep, I'd be rage fitting all around the house right now. Can't believe we're going to lose this game.
That loss was so bad I still ended up rage fitting around the house. Somehow, miraculously, my 15-month old didn't wake up.

They are who we thought they were.

Good coach, bad coach:

We benched Roberson for a possession we needed a defensive stop. I hate our coach.

Brad Stevens > Billy Dononvan

Billy should have taken one of the 3 out early in the 3rd. The offense is so stagnant right now with the you go I go iso.

At least we can see the difference between having a great coach versus a bad coach. Brad stevens adjusted pretty well and Donovan didn't do anything.

Refs were bad. Billy D was worse.

When do we start calling for Donovan to be fired?

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Curious to see if our second unit will still be effective. Probably the first good bench we will play against this season.

Close game, but a W. Still worried about clutch Kyrie though

I admit it, I think we're going to mess them up pretty bad tonight. Thunder by 15.

Reading some of the Celtics forums, a large number of them think this is going to be an easy win for them. Basically think our bench is trash (must still be thinking we have Semaj, Enes and Doug in that unit).
Homers, it's fine, they can see our new bench when we are up big on them in the 4th

We play perfect defense for 22 seconds, knock the ball loose to almost halfcourt, and Tatum still hits a heavily contested pull-up three.

Tatum is literally like having Melo play against himself on defense.

When is Russ going to get it together this year?

Westbrook mad that Marcus Smart shut him down and made him travel. Then he gets mad at Jaylen for ripping the loose ball from him. So what does he do? Punches Jaylen after losing a jump ball to the bigger, stronger, player.

Boston discovering what the Western conference is about.

What the hell happened to Grant? He looks borderline competent.

Our rim protection is insane!!

Kyrie on mental health watch after all this rejection.

Just can't get the lead up to 20. We had a couple of chances in the 1st half and just had two or three cracks at it there.

Getting sloppy this quarter

Will we ever score again?

We're going to end up losing.

They didn't even need most of the half to turn erase the 18 point deficit. They only needed the third quarter.

Melo has to stop walking up court when he doesn't get the foul call.

We're not only going to lose, we're going to end up losing by double digits.

Russ just isn’t very smart sometimes

I can't believe this game has turned into a 6 point deficit after our dazzling first half.

39 points in the second half. Thirty-bleeping-nine points in the second half. We lost the second half by 25 points.

Bad bad bad bad loss.

Play stupid yah lose stupid. Smh haven't beat a good team yet, they get a nice lead against them and decide to abandon the gameplan to stat hunt. Boston stepped their defense game up but come on.

expected a loss but NOT a complete CHOKE in the 2nd half. Kyrie OWNED the game when it was "money" time.

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