Green Envy: What Sixers Fans Said,11/30

The Boston Celtics bounced back well after a tough loss to Detroit the other night and handily defeated the Sixers, 108-97. Kyrie Irving was once again sensational tonight with 36 points and with no Joel Embiid for Philly, the Celts had their way for pretty much the entire game. We all know that Philly's fans get riled up so let's see what they had to say tonight:

Top Three:

Smart deserves an Emmy, Oscar and golden globe for his acting

It's amazing that the Celtics play as physically as they do and average under 20 fouls per game, almost as if they're allowed to get away with it....

Remember when we all laughed at Rozier and some scraps for Nerlens, can we go back and redo that?

Best of the Rest:

It would be pretty nice to pull out a win without our best player

wtf Kyrie pushes off like every play, no call refs? Gonna be a long night

Horford... ugly but effective jumper

Can't wait until Ben gets Lebron calls

Smart only shoots well against us... it's unbelievable

Wait... Nik stauskas is alive?

Boston has way more shooters than I thought

I think the Celtics court is ugly, I don't care what people say

Bayless IQ is beyond inept, guy thinks he's Kyrie out there

If Ben can learn to shoot, he would be unstoppable, he hasn't even shot the ball yet

May be a hot take, I don't think Jaylen brown is that good

Bayless doesn't know how to pass, guy makes Smart look like Magic Johnson

Watching Tatum contribute quality minutes more and more makes me so mad that we got duped into taking Fultz

Tatum blatantly shoving Simmons off of him and getting the benefit of the doubt, the refs think he's Melo

I fuckin hate the Celtics, next time we will be healthy and take em down

Ive watched the Celtics a few times this year and they haven't impressed me, they always get away with physical play and have the refs in their pocket, so overrated

Just keep looking at Bayless's contract of 9 million a year, and I keep crying.

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